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Making herbal syrups is a great way to deliver herbal medicine to children or other folks who have picky tastes.  An herbal syrup is essentially a very concentrated tea that has then been mixed with a sweetener. I prefer local, raw honey and avoid cane or beet sugar in my syrups.  Molasses or maple syrup could also be used. You can make herbal syrups with any herbs you like.  I generally abide by Rosemary Gladstar's measurements and use 2 oz of herb per 1 quart of water.

 I particularly like making syrups for cold/flu season with herbs for stimulating the immune system (elderberry, echinacea, garlic), soothing sore throats (thyme, sage, marshmallow, licorice), and thinning congestion (marshmallow, garlic, ginger, peppermint). Local, raw honey has antimicrobial properties and is incredibly soothing for the throat, making it perfect for an herbal cough syrup.  Here is a tasty recipe I've been working with:

Herbal Cough Syrup
(makes about 3 cups)
1 quart of filtered water
1/4 c ginger root
1/4 c marshmallow root
1/4 c chamomile flowers
1 T cinnamom powder
3/4-1 c local, raw honey (depending on desired sweetness)


1)In a small sauce pan, combine water and herbs.  Bring to boil and then down to a simmer.  Simmer tea with lid on for 30-40 minutes until liquid has reduced by half.  This will leave you with about 2 c of liquid.    
2) Strain herbs.  While liquid is still warm, add honey and stir to combine.  Pour syrup into mason jar to store in fridge.  This syrup should be good for 2 months or so in the fridge.  You can also add 1-2 tsp of brandy or vodka as a preservative to the syrup when you add the honey, which will help it keep for an additional month or more. 

Dosage: 1 tsp for children and 1T for adults every 3-4 hours as needed while symptoms persist.